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What is plasma used for?

Plasma donors with rare antibodies is used to make blood typing serum and for the manufacture of Rh immune globulin commonly known as RhoGAM.  Plasma from donors with coagulation factor deficiencies is needed as well to manufacture the test kits for detecting hemophilia and other blood clotting problems

How is plasma collected?

The process used by Blood and Plasma Research to collect plasma is known as plasmapheresis, a procedure which collects only the plasma, preventing the donor from losing any red blood cells.  Because of this, donors may donate twice weekly (but not more than once within a 48 hour period).

How are donors compensated?

Compensation is determined by the demand for the donor's particular plasma, as well as their time commitment and travel requirements.  Donor compensation ranges from $35 per donation to much higher depending on the characteristics of your blood.

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